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Searching for a Buffyverse Writing Partner

I immensely enjoy collaborative writing and the countless surprises that come with it, but have been away for a while and would love to get back into it. I had ran a Buffy/Angel RPG for about eight years, but between work and other passions I no longer have the time in my schedule for keeping up with a game.

I do not use instant messengers and am not online often (I would probably be able to post once a week) so I am looking for someone who does not mind communicating only via email with long, thorough posts from another serious writer rather than short, quick replies.

I’m open to discussing via email and then posting through a venue such as LiveJournal or using only email. I just miss writing and if I am not writing with someone else I just do not end up making time for it.

I have written with some absolutely incredible writers through the years and there is little else like writing with someone that is a perfect match for your tone and writing style and co-evolving stories over time through that mutual mindset. I would love to find that again.

Why the Buffyverse?
While I am equally interested in writing canon or non-canon characters I would like to keep to the Buffyverse setting. I like to have a full verse to write in and would like to have the common ground of writing with someone who is already fully familiar with the ‘rules’ of that verse. That way we have a mutual background as to what the world the characters are in is like. I enjoy the richness of the Buffyverse and am very familiar with it.

My Style
No one has every accused me of being kind to my characters and I tend to be a fairly dark writer. I am fascinated in exploring bleak settings and the downfall (and eventual recovery) of characters. I have love to exploit their weaknesses and see how they come out of it. I have always been a fan of post apocalyptic settings and stories of similar tones.

Suffice it to say I could be accused of being an angst-o-holic, but the first step is admitting that you have a problem. I would be thrilled to find a writing partner that also enjoys darker twists and angsty plots without being all dire doom and gloom - variety is the spice of life after all.

I have nothing against tastefully written sex scenes, but only when they’re a part of a natural progression of a scene and character’s relationship - not when they become the focus. Sex really is not that exciting and I prefer to focus on the plot and character development. It is what that moment meant to those two characters rather than the boring physical technicalities of the actual act that make the fact that it happened interesting.

I would like to stick to writing only one character, as in I would not mind writing canon, but would want the canons we wrote to be set away from the other canon characters so we can focus on just the two characters as the main characters.

The Premise
There are a few different character routes that I would not mind taking depending on your character preference.

If you’re interested in writing Faith I have always wanted to write out a relationship between Faith and Wesley – a complicated messy one as is only right for those characters. Not a ‘oh Wesley, we were meant to be together’ but an interaction that has the heat and opposition between the characters as seen in episodes like ‘Five by Five’ (though I prefer writing 4th season Wesley). Either post civilization or them trying to make due as ‘normal’ people away from the world of demon fighting. Anything that threw them out of their element and served to realistically isolate them in each other’s presence.

For non-canon there are two characters of my own that I miss writing and would be interested in finding new ways of exploring. Again, portions of the bios may be game specific, but their histories are included. One, Jude Fletcher, was meant to be played out in conjunction with the Council – and I do so enjoy exploring the Council and all their double standards and bureaucracy. The other, Blaine McNeil, was created to be played out in Los Angles. I would be more than willing to work either into a variety of situations if you have a character that you think would be a good match.

Anything strike your fancy?

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