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spookycharles's Journal

The Garden Fairy
10 January 1982
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I am a graphic designer, illustrator and farm/nursery owner. My main interest is preserving the biodiversity of our food supply and protecting the history entwined in heirloom varieties. Most of the time I am out working in the field planting or harvesting this or that. I love to share information about growing our gardens in a more environmentally responsible way and do so through the Master Gardeners and our farm market booth on the weekends.

I love animals and keep a variety of indoor pets as well as chickens outdoors. Currently I have seventeen hens - two Black Australorps, a Buff Orpington, a Dominique, three Jersey Giants, two Light Brahmas, two Plymouth Barred Rocks, three Rhode Island Reds and two Silver Laced Wyndottes. There is also one rooster (Buff Orpington) who was supposed to be a hen but ended up becoming Clarance rather than Clara...but he's one of our cuddliest chickens. We're setting up to get ducks next spring as well as a couple of bee hives. Long term we also have spots plotted out for Pygora goats, Romney sheep and geese.

When I'm not working or out in the garden I absolutely love to study languages. I am most especially interested in grammar and am happy to learn new and interesting things about any language and in turn to share information about English. I have dabbled in many different languages but am currently focusing on Hindi and Spanish as well as trying to find more information about Amharic. Just as with heirloom seeds, I believe it's incredibly important for cultures to hold on to their traditional languages.

In general I just love to read and learn and I also love to write. I don't watch a lot of fictional television (though I love documentaries and non-fiction programming), but I do adore the Angel/Buffy series, Burn Notice, House and Supernatural. I used to run a large Angel/Buffy game before I switched my focus to other things, but still love to play around with that verse and am currently in search of a writing partner for some one on one writing.