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Jude Fletcher's Bio

I have used this character in non-Buffyverse writing as well, but love him involved with the Council. If you have a character of your own that you could imagine as a good partner for interaction, just let me know - I'd love to give it a try. Here's his bio from the Angle/Buffy game he was last used in:

Name - Jude Aidan Fletcher
Age - 32
Apparent Age - N/A
Species - Human; Watcher

Jude has short, red-tinted brown hair. He keeps it fairly well trimmed, but lets what of it he does have run wild. For the most part he does not do a particular lot to keep his appearance up when his wife, Tammy is not looking and his face generally has a good covering of stubble while he is on the road. His eyes are piercing blue, but all else about his appearance is fairly average.

There is nothing about his looks to make him stand out and that's exactly the way he likes it. He is just under six feet tall and exceptionally lean. To someone who didn’t know him, he may not appear as a significant threat from a distance, but up close he is solid muscle.

While his heart is with Ireland, his accent is as much English as Irish.


Personality -
In a casual setting Jude can be very outgoing and boisterous, but whenever he is on the job he comes off as cold and distant. He tends to keep his mouth shut unless spoken to, giving orders or raising hell. While he will follow orders to the letter, he disdains authority with a passion and in general has a great deal of underlying anger towards those in positions of authority. He is more than happy to start a fight with little to no prompting and it shows.

He does what has to be done in the current moment and keeps his attention to the present. He does not have much of an opinion on day to day things and is not one to contemplate the bigger picture or what may lay beyond this life. What he does is so much a part of his life that he does not separate himself as a person from the violence. He would never claim to be a good man, but doesn’t see himself as being bad for his wife and family, though he’ll say that his having married Tammy was a purely selfish act on his part. While he had nothing good to offer her, he loved her far too much to let her get away.

What he does hold a brutally strong opinion on is a man’s word and the importance of protecting family. When lies are needed he does not falter in the slightest, though he tends more towards omission and has never been able to lie to Tammy. While lying about what he considers to be meaningless things is fine, he holds firmly to the ideal that your word is your word and would never under any circumstance say that he was going to follow through with something and not do it. He does not take at all kindly to those who do not do the same. He is not a man you would want to lie to.

Strengths/Abilities -
Jude’s physical strength and speed is that of an especially fit human male. Informally he fought through a great deal of his youth and in his late teens was trained in both defensive and offensive fighting techniques by the Council. He has the greatest hand-to-hand training in Judo and Taekwondo.

He is quite proficient with select weapons, primarily guns and knives, and though sloppy, has training in and can make do with typical Watcher weaponry such as crossbows, swords, stakes or whatever else might be on hand. He has knowledge in the construction of explosives, nothing fancy or subtle, but more than enough to make things real messy.

While he is Watcher trained, he has always been very selective with his attention and ignored most of anything taught to him that was not immediately useful. He has a background of having taken a wide variety of required language courses, but in practice he only has the ability to identify dead human languages and a very basic working knowledge of written Coptic, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Sumerian. His only purpose for these languages is on-site verification of authenticity of valuable documents and supporting artifacts of interest to the Council.

He has a decent amount of experience working with demons, but more in an information gathering capacity rather than with slaying them and he could not identify most species of demon to save his life. He has far more experience fighting humans than demons and as part of his training and experience, he possesses a decent working knowledge of torture techniques.


Weaknesses -
All standard human physical weaknesses apply. While he is physically strong for a human, and is by no means unintelligent, he is also nothing resembling an intellectual, which can lead him to frustration when surrounded by those in the Council that like to wave their smarts around.

In general he is easily frustrated, has a short attention span and an even shorter temper. He’s not one to stand around and chat and can be too quick to jump into action without thinking things through.

By far his true Achilles’ heal is Tammy, who is unquestionably his foundation and reason for being.

History -

Born to a large, tight-knit Roman Catholic family in Belfast, Ireland, Jude was the oldest of five boys. Given their father's heavy involvement with the IRA and the surrounding violence, he early on learned what skills he needed to defend his family. Still, it was not enough to save two of his brothers. The loss only further drove Jude's insistence on becoming part of the fighting.

Regional violence was again peaking when Jude's father's life was loss and at fourteen Jude decided that he was old enough to take his father's place. His horrified mother could not bear the thought of the additional loss of her eldest son and contacted her brother, a headmaster of a Watcher sponsored school in England.

After pulling a long series of strings, his uncle managed to get Jude entrance into the school. The problem was that no one had told Jude about any of it. He had no intention of continuing in school, let alone leaving his family or Belfast behind. With Jude's refusal clear, his desperate mother agreed for her brother to arrange for Jude to be taken out of Ireland against his will. He put up a fight that nearly ended in the death of several Council agents and in that made it very clear where he would eventually be useful to them.

His refusal to do much of anything was strong and his academic performance was next to nonexistent since he made every effort to fail, but he could be incredibly hard working when he wanted to be. While more than anything he was busy being angry and resistant, he continued to show promise in other areas of interest to the Council. At the proper age, when he'd calmed down enough not to require constant supervision, he was enlisted by his uncle in full training to become a Watcher.

Because of his attitude and loose standing with the Council, even when he was being trained there was never the consideration that he may one day taking on the training of a Potential. He was instead trained in ways that built on his background in violence and focused on the Council being able to control him. In that he was taught relatively little about what the Watchers' Council really was. He came to know of Slayers and demons, but only in passing. His only thorough non-violent training was in the identification of ancient documents and artifacts and even that was not presented in a way that gave him any real understanding of what the artifacts represented.

Though he slowly came to recognize authority, he never came to like it and in turn there were plenty within the Council who didn't care for him outside of his usefulness. He would take orders, but his argumentative nature and tendency to force a fight left him with the designation of being a loose canon. It would have been enough for him to be removed except for the fact that when he was on the job, there was none better. 

After several years of working as a traveling outside agent for the Watchers' Council, he fell in love with an American woman named Tammy. At the time she was a representative from the States aiding in a research project. She had no knowledge of the reality of the myths that she was studying and Jude wasn't in a hurry to tell her.

It had never come to him as a shock that there were real monsters in the world and it didn't especially bother him any more than anything else did. When Tammy had questions he would answer them, but he didn't go out of his way to talk about it and she didn't go out of her way to ask. Even as they fell in love, there was no discussion about the demons and violence that summed up Jude’s work with the Council. It, however, became progressively harder to ignore as their love for each other turned to marriage and they were then sharing a home.

While Jude would go to any possible means to keep Tammy away from the realities of his work, as a severe workaholic, he had a tendency to bring everything home at least in the form of raw emotions and plenty of bruises. Even with as time consuming and taxing as his work was, they silently, mutually agreed not to discuss any of it and rather chose to spend their time together only on each other in the present moment. For Tammy that in large part meant finishing the job that the Council had started in smoothing out Jude's rough edges and preparing him for life as a family man. There was never a question of who was in charge in the relationship and despite Jude's background, any of his mates found Tammy to be far more fearsome than him.

Since Tammy has become pregnant, Jude has been attempting to cut back on his out of country business and where possible the high risk jobs, but he's finding it to be a nearly impossible profession to walk away from. At seven months pregnant, Tammy wanted to visit her family in California. Jude set out immediately arranging the trip to Los Angles, but it of course did not go as planned.


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