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Blaine McNeil's Bio

Here's the other original character previously mentioned. Again, if you have a character you could imagine in McNeil's world I would love a chance to explore him some more with a writing partner. Here's his bio:

Name - Blaine McNeil
Age - 35
Apparent Age - N/A
Species - Human

Appearance -

Blaine stands 5'11 with a sturdy build and slightly curly brown hair. His skin tone is uncommonly pale from lack of sun exposure, which sets off his prominent olive green eyes. He's not unattractive, but he doesn't exactly make any effort to pamper what he feels to be his natural good looks. He has a beard and hack his hair back if it starts getting any length to it.

He throws on whatever he trips over on the way out of bed and often doesn't bother with changing. His clothing is typically well worn at best and tends towards being ragged. He wears heavy steeled toed boots for maximum damage, not for the style points. Beneath his clothing he has prominent scarring and several traditional Irish tattoos.

No one would look at him and mistake him for a friendly fellow. His expression defaults to emotionless and calculating. If he's amused with himself he occasionally sneaks in a sardonic smirk and if he's annoyed or angered he can summon up some of the deadliest looks around and backs up every last one of them.

His voice is deep, his tone gruff and his Irish accent thick, especially when he's riled up about something. He's trained in moving with stealth so for anyone with a decent nose, they'll smell the heavy scent of cigarette smoke that hangs on him long before they'll see or hear him.

Personality -

Blaine doesn't play well with others. He's a proud, self-confident and painfully stubborn man who knows he's right no matter what the situation. It would never occur to him to actually listen to anyone and more than anything he relies on brute strength and personal will to force it until it fits rather than even considering changing his own views.

He's brutally honest and will tell it how he sees it whether or not anyone wants to hear it. He lacks anything in the way of discretion and is hardened to people's words and the world in general. Overtly educated and well-off people alike grate severely on his nerves as does just about everyone else. He's a loner. He works alone, he lives alone and he fully intends to die alone. A large part of that is simply that he's never trusted anyone and doesn't intend to start now. He has gone out of his way to keep a low profile so as not to risk his operation.

For the most part he lacks much in the way of a conscience and is a borderline, if not overt, sociopath. It's little difference to him whether it's a demon or human that he's killing. He's cold and distant and not at all personable. His interactions are restricted to business dealings and interactions with extremist audiences and then only for the sake of organizing attack plans. In that capacity he has a natural leadership quality and given a proper revolution he would be willing to take a stand in that role but his preference is for running things in the background. He doesn't fear death and despite his unashamedly egotistical manners he sees himself less as an individual and more as one, fully replaceable, part of an endless fight that can't be won, but could be lost and has to be fought regardless.

On a personal level he tends towards crude and sexist. He's not someone to bring home to mom and dad. Typically he's impatient, partly because he frequently has difficulty focusing and the combination of the two leads him to becoming easily frustrated. He has a dangerously short, volatile temper that tends towards being verbally and physically abusive. He's not good at respecting boundaries, but he'll kill anyone who doesn't respect his. In his mind people aren't there for companionship, they're there only to be used and when he's done with them he'll throw them away without a second thought. At the same time, he has an unexpectedly strong sense of honor. He doesn't get close and he doesn't care, but he's rabidly loyal to the cause that he's driven to fight and he doesn't let favors go unpaid. Above all, he's true to his word.

His health habits are questionable at best. He's a severe insomniac that periodically passes out during the day. He lives out of his business's storefront and does all his real business after the sun has set. He'd be as likely to knock back a shot of whiskey for breakfast as to pour a bowl of cereal and even if he had a gun to his head he couldn't actually think up something he truly enjoyed doing.

All his focus is by necessity on his work. He's not one to stand around and think, rather he avoids it whenever possible. Instead his waking hours are tightly packed with running a cover business, setting up his true business deals and hunting. Much of the time he has to play a persona to make his deals and its an act that frequently wears on him. Typically he'd rather be out killing.

He doesn't care about money given that he's not all that thrilled with society in general, but he doesn't come close to working for free. The copious amounts of money his dealings do drum up all go directly into funding the true work of his organizational involvements. By any real definition he's an extremist and he's dangerous. He doesn't do what he does because he believes he can win – he does it because he's a predator driven to fight.

Abilities -

He tried and failed to learn to read on his own. If he'd ever sought help he would have been diagnosed with dyslexia, but he doesn't find it to be anyone's business. While he's more or less illiterate he speaks decent enough English though no one would mistake him for being an educated man. Irish Gaelic was his first language and what he learned of English, and basically everything else, he learned on the streets.

The only subject he has formal training in is violence. It was one of the first things he learned and it stuck. He has copious general street fighting experience, in which he is a lethal pro with a knife. He was enlisted in and trained by the Irish Defense Forces as an infantry foot soldier in the Irish Army Corps. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, hand held firepower and has a moderate amount of artillery and explosive charge setting experience.

The knowledge and skills he gained from the Army he built on as a weapons supplier for the IRA. Specializing in arms dealing, when it comes to guns, ammunition, explosives and any other portable weaponry of war he's an expert. Although he doesn't get alone with others, his no nonsense attitude and reliable nature have helped him to excel at networking with like individuals. His time in prison, locked up with others like him and worse, only served to increase his connections.

He has a solid network of military, former military and militia suppliers over several countries and is good with `making friends' with dissatisfied factions. He's not one to double cross though because while he would die before revealing the secrets on a source, he'll gladly spew details as an informant against those who thought they could play him.

While he never has, nor would touch magicks himself, he is well versed in the mechanics of it. As with his weapons sales, at the drop of a hat he could tell any intermediate level sorcerer what he needed and why he needed it while up-selling him on a few other must-have valuable trinkets. Also like his weapons, the products he sells are all genuine and tend towards the potent side. His trade in frequently illegal ritual items is a cover business for his real trade, but he considers the mystical artifacts and supplies he sells to be just another brand of weaponry catered to the audience he know specializes in – the demon hunting community.

Not being one to stand on the sidelines, he doesn't leave it at being an underground arms dealer for others to fight the good fight. There is no question about his devotion to the fight and with his background in defense training and covert attacks, he is a skilled demon hunter in his own right.

History -
Blaine was born the illegitimate son of Brenna McNeil, a seaside prostitute in Ros a' Mhíl, Ireland. While his mother had the best of intentions, she was neither financially nor mentally equipped to help herself, let alone to raise a child. She had a horrid taste, in men even outside of her work, and Blaine was subjected to a great deal by the men she brought home.

Growing up he worked odd jobs at the Galway ports to try to help support his mother but with no supervision he slipped easily into life in a local street gang and chose causing general mayhem over frustrating failures in school. He continued on without direction or guidance until his mother's death. No longer having anything to hold him in Ros a' Mhíl he decided that he had outgrown the tired port village and was attracted to the rising troubles up north in the Ulster region.

Flat broke and looking for a fight, he enlisted in the Army on his seventeenth birthday. After proving his aptitude for physical training he was able to find an officer willing to wave the educational requirements. After some fits and starts he was satisfied enough with the new way of life, but he soon began to grow restless once more. After a year of serving abroad his infantry was recalled to quell violence in response to the Dublin bombings.

It would have been a straightforward mission if not for the fact that Blaine came to believe that he was fighting on the wrong side of the violence. Since he'd been a boy he'd been looking for something to give him reason and he found himself sympathizing with certain members of the IRA terrorist factions. While he remained enlisted he requested a transfer in duties from foot soldier to supply coordinator. Soon enough he began diverting portions of military weapons shipments to local groups. A few extra guns here and there eventually turned into a full-fledged military surplus supply ring while he continued to play both sides.

But it of course couldn't last and upon being discovered and confronted by a commanding officer he killed that officer as well as two other subordinate officers in his escape. Despite the authority's attempts to locate him, he had managed to disappear from the military's radar and into an underground portion of the IRA in which he continued working under the table deals with contacts he had created while in the Army. He became a significant supplier until that too came to an end. After being set up in a sting operation, he was apprehended and taken into custody.

Given his background, even prison life wasn't a terrible shock to him and if anything he managed to not only take it in stride but also make good use of the time. Within the prison walls he had access to some of the worst of the worst and he continued his networking inside while also finding ways to run messages to the outside. Everyday he trained for the day he would get out and he had no question that day would come. While he wouldn't have had anything against being made a martyr, he wasn't the only one and the government knew it. Despite the public pressure for it, neither he nor any of his fellow inmates could be charged with the death penalty and he never did a thing but laugh through the guards' cruelty and threats of throwing away the keys.

Despite his self assurance that he would get out he didn't know how or when his chance would come. The only thing he had known was that he was on his own so there was no lack of shock on his behalf when an obscenely well dressed man came to his cell for visitation and even more shockingly, to inform Blaine that he was now being backed by a team of lawyers who didn't know the meaning of losing a case.

He had no doubt it was a setup but went along with it for the sheer amusement value that brought a little color to his otherwise monotonous days. He nearly literally laughed his way through his own court trial and the absurdity that the lawyers were trying to pull. However, he stopped laughing when they managed to have him released with all charges dropped on a minor technicality.

After signing a pile of documents he couldn't read, the lawyers had the release finalized under the condition that Blaine would serve special attention to one of the men he had been supplying before he had been captured. A man that turned out to be a prized client for Wolfram & Hart who was very picky about his arms trade deals and insisted that he wouldn't be satisfied unless his weapons were coming through McNeil.

The client put him up as part of a term of service in which Blaine's primary focus was on supplying this one client with the biggest, best and most lethal weaponry available on the market. His network quickly exceed the locally based sources he had before specialized in and became an international trade. On the side he continued to supply others groups but his devotion to the IRA lessoned as he was slowly introduced to an entirely new enemy that didn't even bear the face of a human.

His employer, it turned out, wasn't even human himself and Blaine began more frequently organizing with an even deeper underground Irish movement, one that specialized in fighting demons. With them he refined his previous physical training and began to incorporate specific tricks of the trade. As part of his involvement with this group he partnered with sorcerer contacts and began building an extensive knowledge base in mystical rituals and the supplies needed for them.

Starting out he would go out on hunting parties but soon enough he eased into working alone while becoming a prime weapons supplier for the group's efforts. While he believed he had finally found the true fight his only dissatisfaction remained in the fact that he was contracted to the very thing he had set out to eliminate.

The initial plan was to scrap the Wolfram & Hart contract and take out his employer and related facilities. He had a measure of trust there and the full access needed to work an inside job, but his idea that they would move in, eliminate the target and then he could just disappear as he had before was crushed when he was approached by a representative of Wolfram & Hart who somehow knew what he was going to do before he had done it. It was made clear to him that if he went through with the plan there would be repercussions far greater than his mere return to prison.

Working out a new deal with the firm, he had his contract transferred after his term with the current client was considered fulfilled and this time he did truly disappear. All his past criminal records were wiped clean – as was he. As far as any record states, he doesn't exist. The only people who remained aware of his existence were those with whom he networked and he kept up those partners long distance as he was moved across the waters to Los Angeles, California.

He was told to start a new life, and he did, but there never had been anything subtle about Blaine. Starting out slowly, he hooked up with some local sources to continue learning what he needed to about mystical supplies in order to become a reliable seller. His closet operation eventually moved to a full storefront, McNeil's Magick Shop, inconspicuously sandwiched in between a porn shop and a dollar store/Chinese deli.

Out of his shop he began to make a name for himself in underground mystical supplies, enough so to serve as an effective cover so that even Wolfram & Hart didn't realize that the real merchandise he was dealing in was still military grade weaponry. This time, however, his main focus group was the supply of demon hunters and his service range was hardly restricted to the Los Angeles area. Through his customers and clients he found a source for all the most current information on mystical and demonic activity. He made a home of sorts in the loft of his store partially for practicality's sake and partially just to assure that vampires couldn't enter uninvited. He only wished it was that easy to keep humans out.

Outside of business transactions, his involvement with local groups was only enough so that he could serve as an informant of hotspots and suspicious activity so that he could pick up information that he had missed from other informants. He continued his hunting and it was in a fight that he had very nearly lost that he came to meet former Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. While the two didn't become anything like friends, Blaine swore to be there to help Wesley out of any future tight spot and to this day he's upheld that promise both serving as a supplier and informant to Wesley.

Jude Fletcher's Bio

I have used this character in non-Buffyverse writing as well, but love him involved with the Council. If you have a character of your own that you could imagine as a good partner for interaction, just let me know - I'd love to give it a try. Here's his bio from the Angle/Buffy game he was last used in:

Name - Jude Aidan Fletcher
Age - 32
Apparent Age - N/A
Species - Human; Watcher

Jude has short, red-tinted brown hair. He keeps it fairly well trimmed, but lets what of it he does have run wild. For the most part he does not do a particular lot to keep his appearance up when his wife, Tammy is not looking and his face generally has a good covering of stubble while he is on the road. His eyes are piercing blue, but all else about his appearance is fairly average.

There is nothing about his looks to make him stand out and that's exactly the way he likes it. He is just under six feet tall and exceptionally lean. To someone who didn’t know him, he may not appear as a significant threat from a distance, but up close he is solid muscle.

While his heart is with Ireland, his accent is as much English as Irish.


Personality -
In a casual setting Jude can be very outgoing and boisterous, but whenever he is on the job he comes off as cold and distant. He tends to keep his mouth shut unless spoken to, giving orders or raising hell. While he will follow orders to the letter, he disdains authority with a passion and in general has a great deal of underlying anger towards those in positions of authority. He is more than happy to start a fight with little to no prompting and it shows.

He does what has to be done in the current moment and keeps his attention to the present. He does not have much of an opinion on day to day things and is not one to contemplate the bigger picture or what may lay beyond this life. What he does is so much a part of his life that he does not separate himself as a person from the violence. He would never claim to be a good man, but doesn’t see himself as being bad for his wife and family, though he’ll say that his having married Tammy was a purely selfish act on his part. While he had nothing good to offer her, he loved her far too much to let her get away.

What he does hold a brutally strong opinion on is a man’s word and the importance of protecting family. When lies are needed he does not falter in the slightest, though he tends more towards omission and has never been able to lie to Tammy. While lying about what he considers to be meaningless things is fine, he holds firmly to the ideal that your word is your word and would never under any circumstance say that he was going to follow through with something and not do it. He does not take at all kindly to those who do not do the same. He is not a man you would want to lie to.

Strengths/Abilities -
Jude’s physical strength and speed is that of an especially fit human male. Informally he fought through a great deal of his youth and in his late teens was trained in both defensive and offensive fighting techniques by the Council. He has the greatest hand-to-hand training in Judo and Taekwondo.

He is quite proficient with select weapons, primarily guns and knives, and though sloppy, has training in and can make do with typical Watcher weaponry such as crossbows, swords, stakes or whatever else might be on hand. He has knowledge in the construction of explosives, nothing fancy or subtle, but more than enough to make things real messy.

While he is Watcher trained, he has always been very selective with his attention and ignored most of anything taught to him that was not immediately useful. He has a background of having taken a wide variety of required language courses, but in practice he only has the ability to identify dead human languages and a very basic working knowledge of written Coptic, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Sumerian. His only purpose for these languages is on-site verification of authenticity of valuable documents and supporting artifacts of interest to the Council.

He has a decent amount of experience working with demons, but more in an information gathering capacity rather than with slaying them and he could not identify most species of demon to save his life. He has far more experience fighting humans than demons and as part of his training and experience, he possesses a decent working knowledge of torture techniques.


Weaknesses -
All standard human physical weaknesses apply. While he is physically strong for a human, and is by no means unintelligent, he is also nothing resembling an intellectual, which can lead him to frustration when surrounded by those in the Council that like to wave their smarts around.

In general he is easily frustrated, has a short attention span and an even shorter temper. He’s not one to stand around and chat and can be too quick to jump into action without thinking things through.

By far his true Achilles’ heal is Tammy, who is unquestionably his foundation and reason for being.

History -

Born to a large, tight-knit Roman Catholic family in Belfast, Ireland, Jude was the oldest of five boys. Given their father's heavy involvement with the IRA and the surrounding violence, he early on learned what skills he needed to defend his family. Still, it was not enough to save two of his brothers. The loss only further drove Jude's insistence on becoming part of the fighting.

Regional violence was again peaking when Jude's father's life was loss and at fourteen Jude decided that he was old enough to take his father's place. His horrified mother could not bear the thought of the additional loss of her eldest son and contacted her brother, a headmaster of a Watcher sponsored school in England.

After pulling a long series of strings, his uncle managed to get Jude entrance into the school. The problem was that no one had told Jude about any of it. He had no intention of continuing in school, let alone leaving his family or Belfast behind. With Jude's refusal clear, his desperate mother agreed for her brother to arrange for Jude to be taken out of Ireland against his will. He put up a fight that nearly ended in the death of several Council agents and in that made it very clear where he would eventually be useful to them.

His refusal to do much of anything was strong and his academic performance was next to nonexistent since he made every effort to fail, but he could be incredibly hard working when he wanted to be. While more than anything he was busy being angry and resistant, he continued to show promise in other areas of interest to the Council. At the proper age, when he'd calmed down enough not to require constant supervision, he was enlisted by his uncle in full training to become a Watcher.

Because of his attitude and loose standing with the Council, even when he was being trained there was never the consideration that he may one day taking on the training of a Potential. He was instead trained in ways that built on his background in violence and focused on the Council being able to control him. In that he was taught relatively little about what the Watchers' Council really was. He came to know of Slayers and demons, but only in passing. His only thorough non-violent training was in the identification of ancient documents and artifacts and even that was not presented in a way that gave him any real understanding of what the artifacts represented.

Though he slowly came to recognize authority, he never came to like it and in turn there were plenty within the Council who didn't care for him outside of his usefulness. He would take orders, but his argumentative nature and tendency to force a fight left him with the designation of being a loose canon. It would have been enough for him to be removed except for the fact that when he was on the job, there was none better. 

After several years of working as a traveling outside agent for the Watchers' Council, he fell in love with an American woman named Tammy. At the time she was a representative from the States aiding in a research project. She had no knowledge of the reality of the myths that she was studying and Jude wasn't in a hurry to tell her.

It had never come to him as a shock that there were real monsters in the world and it didn't especially bother him any more than anything else did. When Tammy had questions he would answer them, but he didn't go out of his way to talk about it and she didn't go out of her way to ask. Even as they fell in love, there was no discussion about the demons and violence that summed up Jude’s work with the Council. It, however, became progressively harder to ignore as their love for each other turned to marriage and they were then sharing a home.

While Jude would go to any possible means to keep Tammy away from the realities of his work, as a severe workaholic, he had a tendency to bring everything home at least in the form of raw emotions and plenty of bruises. Even with as time consuming and taxing as his work was, they silently, mutually agreed not to discuss any of it and rather chose to spend their time together only on each other in the present moment. For Tammy that in large part meant finishing the job that the Council had started in smoothing out Jude's rough edges and preparing him for life as a family man. There was never a question of who was in charge in the relationship and despite Jude's background, any of his mates found Tammy to be far more fearsome than him.

Since Tammy has become pregnant, Jude has been attempting to cut back on his out of country business and where possible the high risk jobs, but he's finding it to be a nearly impossible profession to walk away from. At seven months pregnant, Tammy wanted to visit her family in California. Jude set out immediately arranging the trip to Los Angles, but it of course did not go as planned.

Searching for a Buffyverse Writing Partner

I immensely enjoy collaborative writing and the countless surprises that come with it, but have been away for a while and would love to get back into it. I had ran a Buffy/Angel RPG for about eight years, but between work and other passions I no longer have the time in my schedule for keeping up with a game.

I do not use instant messengers and am not online often (I would probably be able to post once a week) so I am looking for someone who does not mind communicating only via email with long, thorough posts from another serious writer rather than short, quick replies.

I’m open to discussing via email and then posting through a venue such as LiveJournal or using only email. I just miss writing and if I am not writing with someone else I just do not end up making time for it.

I have written with some absolutely incredible writers through the years and there is little else like writing with someone that is a perfect match for your tone and writing style and co-evolving stories over time through that mutual mindset. I would love to find that again.

Why the Buffyverse?
While I am equally interested in writing canon or non-canon characters I would like to keep to the Buffyverse setting. I like to have a full verse to write in and would like to have the common ground of writing with someone who is already fully familiar with the ‘rules’ of that verse. That way we have a mutual background as to what the world the characters are in is like. I enjoy the richness of the Buffyverse and am very familiar with it.

My Style
No one has every accused me of being kind to my characters and I tend to be a fairly dark writer. I am fascinated in exploring bleak settings and the downfall (and eventual recovery) of characters. I have love to exploit their weaknesses and see how they come out of it. I have always been a fan of post apocalyptic settings and stories of similar tones.

Suffice it to say I could be accused of being an angst-o-holic, but the first step is admitting that you have a problem. I would be thrilled to find a writing partner that also enjoys darker twists and angsty plots without being all dire doom and gloom - variety is the spice of life after all.

I have nothing against tastefully written sex scenes, but only when they’re a part of a natural progression of a scene and character’s relationship - not when they become the focus. Sex really is not that exciting and I prefer to focus on the plot and character development. It is what that moment meant to those two characters rather than the boring physical technicalities of the actual act that make the fact that it happened interesting.

I would like to stick to writing only one character, as in I would not mind writing canon, but would want the canons we wrote to be set away from the other canon characters so we can focus on just the two characters as the main characters.

The Premise
There are a few different character routes that I would not mind taking depending on your character preference.

If you’re interested in writing Faith I have always wanted to write out a relationship between Faith and Wesley – a complicated messy one as is only right for those characters. Not a ‘oh Wesley, we were meant to be together’ but an interaction that has the heat and opposition between the characters as seen in episodes like ‘Five by Five’ (though I prefer writing 4th season Wesley). Either post civilization or them trying to make due as ‘normal’ people away from the world of demon fighting. Anything that threw them out of their element and served to realistically isolate them in each other’s presence.

For non-canon there are two characters of my own that I miss writing and would be interested in finding new ways of exploring. Again, portions of the bios may be game specific, but their histories are included. One, Jude Fletcher, was meant to be played out in conjunction with the Council – and I do so enjoy exploring the Council and all their double standards and bureaucracy. The other, Blaine McNeil, was created to be played out in Los Angles. I would be more than willing to work either into a variety of situations if you have a character that you think would be a good match.

Anything strike your fancy?

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